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"I was sitting behind the wheel of my truck with the engine running in the middle of an intersection. I had a .25 alcohol level and I threw up in front of the cop. I bombed the field sobriety tests. The Marin County jury hated my guts but they found me 'not guilty' on all charges."

- Satisfied Customer

"I was arrested for DUI and blew a .09/.09 on the breath machine. The highway patrol officer said I almost caused a car accident by swerving into an occupied lane on the freeway right in front of him. Mr. Burglin and his expert witness convinced the jury that I was under the legal limit at the time of driving and I was found 'not guilty' of everything."

- Satisfied Customer

"Paul Burglin has been my attorney in four separate jury trials - two in Sonoma County and two in Marin County. Two cases ended in hung juries and the other two ended in full acquittals. The last trial involved a cop who testified under oath that I had pointed a gun at him. Burglin absolutely destroyed him on cross-examination. It was unbelievable!"

- Satisfied Customer

"Hi Mr. Burglin,

"You represented me in a DUI case about a year and a half ago. When we met to talk about the case and you heard my 'explanation' of what had happened - that I had just had more to drink than I planned to - you said that I might have a problem with alcohol. You suggested that I go to AA, specifically that I do 90 meetings in 90 days. At the time, I was really resistant and offended. You talked with me about my reservations and prejudices and shared your experience with the program. You advised me to be upfront and tell the clinical director at the agency where I'd just accepted a traineeship, as I would be getting fingerprinted, which turned out to be a very good call. You also told me that I could use the experience to benefit others, as I was (and still am) working on becoming a therapist.

"I talked to the clinical director the next day and she agreed to keep me on. I went to my first meeting after that, and I have been to a meeting every day since. At first, it was just to salvage my future career. Gradually, though, I realized that I am an alcoholic, and I started to work the steps. I've had serious consequences due to alcohol since I was about 13; I just always attributed my problems to other things.

"I'm on step 9 now, and that's why I'm writing to you. I apologize for being rude. I didn't even shake your hand when we were done talking that day. Mostly though, I want to thank you for nudging me towards AA. It has been a such an unexpected blessing. My meeting with you is part of the "what happened" portion of my story, part of the turning point where I got in the program and life started to get better. It really was fortunate for me that you happened to be my DUI attorney, although I didn't appreciate it at the time. Otherwise, it's possible that nothing would have changed.

"I hope you accept my apology and my sincerest gratitude. Thank you for using your experience and position to help me and, I'm sure, others. I hope all is well with you."

- Satisfied Customer

"Mr. Burglin is extremely professional and knowledgeable. He handled my case beautifully. I cannot express how grateful I am for his services. He was always available to answer my questions and was great about explaining the entire process to me as I had never found myself in a similar situation. While the entire situation was less than desirable, I felt very comfortable and at ease with Mr. Burglin by my side. He is very highly recommended!! "

- Mary K.

"I recently received a complicated DUI (property damage, etc) and was referred to Paul Burglin. He was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and accessible as he guided me through the legal mess. Moreover, he was able to significantly reduce the severity of my sentence. I am extremely grateful to Paul for helping me get through this ordeal so efficiently and smoothly and recommend him without any hesitation to anyone dealing with similar circumstances."

- Andrew P.

"Seriously, I researched so many DUI lawyers and no one can help you like Paul can. It's been a year since mine and I am SO grateful I found him. I guarantee you will not find a better lawyer and whoever tells you that you don't need one is ignorant. I didn't get away with mine but I got the best possible outcome."

- Satisfied Customer

"Decades with a spotless driving record ruined by one bad decision to get behind the wheel when I shouldn't have. Luckily, no one was hurt. Being driven away in handcuffs with my car being towed was enough to convince me that there is no way I would ever let this happen again. Lesson learned! And fortunately, I found Paul Burglin to help me weather the months of turmoil with the legal system and the DMV that ensued. Paul's encyclopedic knowledge (literally - he co-wrote the textbook!), and his familiarity with the local systems and people assured that I got the fairest possible sentence. Not only is Paul a consummate professional, he is also compassionate and understanding, and his kind words helped ease the trauma of a difficult process. On top of all that, he provided referrals to other knowledgeable and caring professionals who provided outstanding advice on insurance and other aspects of this confusing and stressful process. I can't imagine having a better person beside me in this situation than Paul Burglin. Thank you Paul!"

- Satisfied Customer

"Paul was very helpful in guiding me through the most arduous and confusing DUI process, with both the court system & the DMV. His professionalism and kind precise way, granted me the chance to have this mindful burden made a bit lighter. Not only did he get my license restriction minimized, he also requested a smooth transition for me to retain my driver's license almost immediately and have my record expunged, after my 3 year probation period ended. My birthday was just last week and it could not come at a better time. it's a new year, new year of life, new lessons learned (leaving an important chapter behind..;) and I am expunged thanks to Paul. I feel so very grateful and would recommend Paul highly in alleviating the stress of muddling through this very difficult and complicated experience."

- Satisfied Customer

"Paul possesses deep knowledge of his specialty area within the industry. He guided me through a complex process in which both legal and DMV issues needed resolution - and we were successful on all fronts! This was partly due to Paul's strong connections/contacts and relationships across all relevant agencies and especially, with the district attorney's office. I highly recommend Paul Burglin as an expert in his field, who gets results!"

- Satisfied Customer

"I was pulled over for not having a front license plate by the CHP and they smelled alcohol on me. I was arrested for a DUI based on the breathalyzer results showing just at .08. This occurred at a small town so cops there tend to look for stuff to pull you over such as no front license plate. A week later I hired Paul Burglin who showed the CHP didn't follow the protocol of processing me. A few months later in court I was able to get it down to reckless driving. This incident was the only time I had been in trouble with the law prior (or since). I would recommend him for anyone looking for a DUI attorney in the north bay area."

- R.R.

"I hired Paul to help with my son's DUI after an accident. It was a very serious case involving a felony with injury. After reasonable adjustments, he managed to get it reduced to a misdemeanor and saved my son's career as a result. I can't say enough good things about Paul's professionalism. I highly recommend!"

- Bill

"I was arrested for a DUI when I hit a woman in a crosswalk, in the dark, in the rain, going about 5 mph. I was drunk and so was she. She had ran out in front of me as I was making a turn and I didn't see her until it was too late. I was arrested and had a .16 BAC when tested. I was referred to Mr. Burglin by a friend of mine who is also a lawyer. This was after my first lawyer informed me that I would probably be doing some prison time. It was my first DUI. Throughout the court proceedings Mr. Burglin kept me informed about everything that went on. While he is sometimes hard to reach on the telephone, his emails are VERY prompt and if you get his cell number, he is fast with the text messaging too. The person I hit lied to the courts throughout the process on many instances in an effort to get as much money from the accident as possible. I was outraged. He told me it didn't make any difference in my case and to remain calm in court. At first the courts wanted me to serve a six year prison sentence, then it went down to two years, and eventually he worked out a deal where I served four months of a six month jail sentence and was allowed to do a work furlough program so I was able to save my job and business. I almost lost everything. Part of what helped soften the sentence was his recommendation that I voluntarily wear an alcohol monitoring ankle bracelet for the time I was making court appearances to show the courts that I was taking the matter seriously. After my conviction, the head of probation said she thought I got an incredible deal for my offense and should feel very fortunate. She said I was the only person they had ever heard of wearing a monitoring bracelet without being ordered by the court. It wasn't cheap (about $500 a month), but in the end was worth every penny and helped my cause. I wore it for nine months. He said it was the only way to PROVE to the court that I was not drinking a drop. After my sentence was served I had a misunderstanding of my terms of probation. I thought I could still legally drink alcohol, but not to intoxication. I don't know where I came up with that one, but I was naive and basically stupid. This was ridiculous thinking after such a major conviction. One thing led to another and my drinking picked back up, not to previous consumption levels, so I had a lower tolerance and more severe drunks. About 7 months after I got out of jail, I wound up drunk and passed out on the side of a street, the cops found me and arrested me, and I had a violation of felony probation on my hands. I was incarcerated and once again hired Mr. Burglin. The DA wanted me to do some serious time and have my business license revoked. Mr. Burglin convinced the courts that I didn't need to do time, but needed help because of my alcoholism. He was able to get me released from jail into a 28 day rehab program and in the end was able to save my business once again. Furthermore, the violation of probation was dismissed and my probation was reinstated. After the last court appearances he stayed in touch with me, gave me AA attendance forms to have signed for probation, and checked in occasionally on my well being, encouraging me to get into AA and pursue a sober lifestyle. He was genuinely caring and helpful in getting me on the road to recovery. I have been sober since my second arrest and have no plans to drink in the future. I attend AA meetings, and while not required to anymore, I still get my form signed and give it to probation. Without the help of Mr. Burglin I would probably still be in jail or prison and have lost everything. He is a good dude and did everything he could to help me out. I would highly recommend his services if you are in some deep trouble. I know he has worked miracles for many others who have been in deep crap and has a way of massaging the system if you are willing to take his suggestions and advice on helping you help yourself."

- Satisfied Customer

"I am writing this review with regards to my wife's first DUI with injury case. Needless to say we were very intimidated by these charges and how we were treated by the police and courts. After contacting Paul Burglin, we were immediately put at ease and assured that he was experienced in this type of charge. He was able to contact the courts and handle matters in a very professional and timely fashion while diminishing the impact of the legal and financial responsibilities. On a more personal level, he was always available and always had answers to our questions. The charges were reduced and we were extremely pleased with his services. I would recommend him highly to family and all friends. He is extremely professional and excellent in the courtroom"

- Barry

"I Hold a Commercial drivers license, the stakes were high and I had everything to lose. Mr. Burglin treated me with respect and kept me in the loop. I felt confident with him handling my case. He was able to get my charges reduced!!! I was able to keep my license and my job. He is the GREATEST."

- J.R.

"I was charged with a DUI that involved a crash and injury to two other parties, which meant that I was facing a wide spectrum of possible outcomes, including potential prison or jail time. It was in Napa County, which everyone told me was the toughest place to get a DUI. However, it was clear from the very start that Paul Burglin was familiar with the court and its players. He had spectacular timing, knowing when to play which cards. His litigation skills and extensive knowledge of the law was pivotal to getting the charge reduced to a misdemeanor and keeping me out of jail.

In addition, Mr. Burglin was completely reachable and responsive, and treated me with the utmost respect and consideration, helping me get through this ordeal. I am so extremely grateful to Mr. Burglin, and would therefore highly recommend him."

- Satisfied Customer

"I was charged with my second DUI in 10 years, and was facing a possible 18 months in prison and losing my license for many years. I felt my arrest was unfair, and I was honestly scared of the potential outcome, so I knew I had to hire the best attorney I could find. Paul called me up and honestly told the potentials of the case, and his professionalism and knowledge put a little bit at ease. And a month later, he called to tell me he won the DMV part of my trial! Two months later, he had the prosecution's attorney agree to a dry and reckless! Paul Burglin ended this nightmare of a situation, and I am truly indebted to him."

- Nathan

"I highly recommend Paul Burglin. I had just relocated from the east coast and had not a clue of the severity or the repercussions of getting a DUI in Marin County. Paul assisted with all aspects of my case from start to finish with his comprehensive knowledge and highest level of professionalism. His trial preparation and litigation skills superseded the prosecution and it was clearly obvious to the entire courtroom that this is his expertise.

Also there is a human characteristic to Paul that makes him one of the best.

He treats his clients with the utmost respect at a time when they can hardly withstand the stress of the situation they have found themselves in. He is in his profession for all the right reasons and you will not be disappointed in his services."

- Satisfied Customer

"I was blown away by Mr. Burglin's questioning of the cop. He made him look like a deer in the head lights. I was found not guilty of everything and got my license back."

- Satisfied Customer

"I can't say enough about Paul Burglin. He is brilliant, sharp, creative, personable, and professional. He worked extremely hard on my behalf and also by doing behind-the-scenes research. I had total confidence in his ability and was very lucky that I came across him. (I found him on the internet). I was completely acquitted on charges for a third DUI. He was amazing to watch in the court room, never missing a beat with his keen attention to detail. I would not have trusted anyone else to represent me. I am so utterly grateful to Mr. Burglin. I highly recommend him to anyone who needs a DUI attorney. He literally saved me thousands of dollars and a lot of time as I was looking at fines, expensive DUI school, loss of license and a jail sentence. He was worth every penny because you can't put a price on your freedom. J.A."

- Satisfied Customer

"Well prepared, extremely informed, reliable and logical."

- Satisfied Customer

"Paul Burglin has represented me in several criminal cases, two of which went through to jury verdicts, and we won every time. Paul is a highly experienced trial lawyer and best person I could ever imagine to have on your side when the power of the state is being brought to bear and the odds seem stacked against you.

Paul knows the law and the rules of evidence inside-out. Most cases are won or lost during the pretrial motions phase, and Paul's preparation and arguments produced the desired results in my cases - a frustrated prosecutor with his/her hands tied at trial.

At trial, Paul is a zealous advocate, but he always maintains a level head. From voir dire to closing argument, Paul is one cool cookie. Most of all, Paul is honest, forthright and absolutely trustworthy. If you're unfortunate enough to need a Top Gun criminal attorney, you just can't do any better than Paul Burglin."

- Satisfied Customer

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