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An Informational Guide to the Prosecution, Defense and Sentencing Practices in the Superior Court of Sonoma County, California -

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Sonoma County is getting tougher with those arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. It continues to utilize federal grant money for special DUI patrols and its judges just approved higher bail schedules for those booked into jail on alleged violations of Vehicle Code sections 23152(a) and 23152(b). For those who get released without posting the full bail amount (sometimes due to overcrowding), additional conditions of release frequently include alcohol monitoring and travel restrictions.

The District Attorney’s Office in Sonoma County is known for filing DUI charges even where breath or blood-alcohol test  results are below the .08 percent or higher per se limit. Because persons may be deemed too impaired to safely operate a motor vehicle even after just a few drinks, it is deemed legal and ethical for a prosecutor to exercise this discretion. However, the discretion to file criminal charges does not necessarily equate to the reasonable likelihood of obtaining a conviction.Thus, Sonoma County prosecutors can sometimes be persuaded to reduce a drunk driving charge to a lesser offense such as reckless driving.

The best chance of beating a DUI charge in Sonoma County---or at least getting a reduced offer on it---is to retain an attorney Board-Certified in DUI Defense who regularly handles cases in the Santa Rosa courthouse. Such an attorney will not only be able to spot potential defenses, but will also know how to minimize license suspensions and other penalties (including incarceration).
Out-of-state drivers can avoid having to return to the jurisdiction for court appearances if they retain legal counsel, and a lawyer knowledgeable with interstate ramifications can be of invaluable assistance in mitigating home state licensing problems.

DUI defense has become increasingly technical over the years, and you want a lawyer who is current on the most recent developments in this field. Feel free to review the contents of this entire website for further information about DUI prosecution and defense in Sonoma County.

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Court fines, fees, and assessments that may arise from a drunk driving conviction include vehicle towing and storage; booking, fingerprinting and photo; driver’s license reinstatement; car insurance increase; community service fee; DUI victims’ fund; alcohol abuse education fund; DUI classes; DUI victim’s impact sessions; and time payment charges.

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